Rs 5 Lakh Free Insurance Telangana Rythu Bheema Scheme

Telangana Rythu Bheema Scheme

Agricultural development is very much necessary in a country like India. Forget India, in Telangana state itself, around 75 lakh farmers carry out agricultural operations. The state government keeps coming up with various schemes and programs so that the farmers are benefited in every way. Recently, a new insurance scheme has been announced for all farmers and it’s definitely going to bring about a good change. The scheme is free but the benefits involved are too many.

This new scheme is called the Rythu Bheema scheme Telangana and under this, farmers would be getting a free life insurance policy from the government. Insurance coverage of Rs 5 lakhs would be offered under this scheme.

In this scheme, the government will offer a premium amount of Rs 2271 per farmer. Moreover, if a farmer dies due to natural or accidental reasons, a sum of Rs 5 lakhs would be offered to the nominee.  The total budget of the scheme is 1000 crores and the premium would be paid every year by the 1st of August. This Telangana free insurance scheme would be officially launched by K Chandrashekar Rao on the 15th of August.  Given below are some features of this scheme;

  • This is basically for the betterment of farmers. More revenue will be generated if farmers get such schemes for promoting agriculture.
  • Telangana government has joined hands with LIC for this purpose. The state can reach out to all such farmers and offer them this scheme.
  • For enjoying the benefits of the scheme, the farmer needs to fall in the small/marginal category.
  • The total amount of coverage that’s going to be offered to the family of the farmer in case of his death is Rs 5 lakhs.
  • Usually, when an insurance policy of Rs 5 lakhs coverage is purchased, the cost of the premium is Rs 4000 to Rs 6000. However, in this scheme, farmers don’t have to pay for anything. Telangana state government will take care of everything.
  • Farmers who are already covered by Rythu Bandhu scheme can automatically enjoy the benefits of this scheme.

Eligibility criteria for the 5 lakh free insurance scheme in Telangana

  • The age group of the farmer should be between 18 to 60.
  • A farmer needs to be from Telangana state itself. He should show all legal residential papers in order to enroll in this insurance scheme.
  • This scheme is strictly for farmers who are totally involved in agricultural activities. They should produce sufficient documents for proving so.
  • The farmer needs to be the owner of the plot on which agricultural activities are carried out. Rental farmers aren’t covered.
  • Only small/marginal farmers will get benefits of Rythu Bandhu scheme. Rich and wealthy farmers won’t be covered.

How to apply for this procedure?

Since the scheme has been recently launched, there is no clear picture of the application procedure. Considering the illiteracy aspect of farmers, offline application procedure might be launched. However, there are chances of online application as well.

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