Shaadhi Mubarak scheme in Telangana

Why and when the Shaadhi Mubarak scheme launched:

After departing of the two states named as the Andhra and the Telangana a new creation and rules got to start up in both the states off course those are very beneficial to the states among those startups one of the schemes called “Shaadi Mubarak “.

The main reason to raise these type of schemes was to reduce the mindset of people to give birth to a girl child, as we consider or observe the world especially in Indian countries every parent feel sophisticated to give a good growth to a girl gender, we have been watching news and seeing the live examples of a dead baby girl body in the street dust bins, to get the awareness in the low minded people the T government thought to save a girl child and developed this scheme called Shaadi Mubarak.

On the 2nd October 2014, the Telangana government launched this scheme, by promising to the back class people in your hand the government like to give the other hand, together will give a girl the best marriage for the next life with a heart full of happiness.

Role of the Scheme:

This scheme is only for the annual income back word families, “developing in all aspects leads to a good result to the government monitoring person”, in the matter of middle and lower class families situations are quite different, the planning will be done according to the situations.

Example of a middle or low-class girl life, very strict rules about culture making. need to end up her studies after 10th or else after 12th classes, parents will be in a mindset that even though make her study and let permission for the job survival need to pay a lot worth during the time of marriage so, it’s better to make her stop.

The other mindset was fear about the trending world on the young age, of course, this was correct pain to the parents, the present situations are like that, very bad to here that no security for an individual girl in the society the other stupid was no matter with the girl age, dress, and color shame on those stupidity fellows, on considering this parents are worried to send a girl for further education or step growth.

Shaadhi Mubarak scheme Work process:

The scheme workflows like this

  • Initially, the girl must cross the age of 18 years
  • Girl native place or permeant address should be of Telangana
  • The following documents are required to apply the scheme Aadhar card copy, community certificate, income certificate, if available 10th mark list and graduation mark list and the first page of the bank book for the purpose of the account details
  • The girl mother account details for the verification of the details
  • Wedding photo
  • Wedding card(additional)

Ones all the certificates available then apply in online web site nearby Meeseva, after uploading of all the certificates the system sends the one message to reverify all the uploaded certificates after completion of updating and submit.

Almost all the girls in Telangana are utilizing this scheme and broadcasting with successful graph growth.

Latest updates:

Initially, the government of Telangana launched the amount of 51,000 to the bride.

Recently the amount was increased up to the 75,000 to the 1 lakh rupees

For more details log on to the web site of

Benefits of the scheme:

  • The feedback in annual income people was getting good benefits by this scheme
  • The eligible parents are getting help from the government a bit happy for that
  • By launching this scheme T government passing a message that no more girl should be a burden to the parents


  • Still, some people are not aware of this scheme
  • He was taking little more time, sometimes the delay in sanctioning the money.


First and foremost the scheme was very good for the minority families and good in growing graph gradually and hoping to see more and more schemes for the security of a girl.

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