Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme Telangana

Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme Telangana – In India, there is a custom that the father of a girl should give dowry to the grooms family members. The marriage occasion should be done under the financial concern of the bride family which is pretty hard for the family who is below poverty line (BPL) and even it’s hard for his father to bear one day feast.

Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme Telangana

In the state of Telangana, a scheme is implemented to provide financial assistance for the families who is below the poverty line and can’t effort the expenditure for girls marriage. There are two schemes as

  1. Kalyana Lakshmi scheme for Hindus
  2. ShaadiMubarak scheme for Muslims

The names of the schemes are different but the moto is to prevent the burden of girl child marriage which leads to poverty. Both of the schemes provide the same benefits.


What is the scheme KALYANA LAKSMI SCHEME
Who launched this CHANDRA SHEKHAR RAO
In which state TELANGANA
The schemewas announced in the month of OCTOBER 2ND 2014
In which budget scheme year  2014-2019
the beneficiaries who are targeted SC/ST, minorities
By whom Scheme is authorised by State government
A review on the scheme will be conducted in the year 2019
What is the online website for scheme https://telanganaepass.cgg.gov.in/KalyanLakshmi.do


This is a welfare scheme which is launched by the Telangana state on October 2nd 2014 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi. This scheme is eligible for sc/st, minorities (BC-A, BC-B, BC-C), economically backward classes. This is a scheme which is launched with a budget of 51,000 in 2014 then it’s increased to 75,116 by the year 2017.


  • The girl should be a major with 18 years old and below the poverty line
  • She should be a native of Telangana state
  • She should belong to the SC/ST (BC-A, BC-B, BC-C)or economically backward caste(OBC)
  • The income of the bride should below 2 lakhs


  • AADHAR card of the girl as the proof
  • Birth certificate to confirm that she is a major
  • Caste certificate to verify the caste
  • Income certificate of her father which is issued 6 months before is accepted
  • Bank account of the girl and her mother bank account to credit the amount after the verification is done
  • If available a wedding card of the couple can be submitted


Click the following website for the application form


by following the above link the below application form appears. There are two forms that need to be filled the first form consists of 7 types of details that need to be filled and the second form consists of the 3 types of details need to be filled.

The 1stform consists of the following data to be filled

  1. Details of the bride
  2. Income certificate details
  3. Caste certificate details
  4. Permanent address details
  5. Present address details
  6. Bride bank account details
  7. Bride mother bank account details

The second form consists of the following data to be filled as given below

  1. Details of the bridegroom
  2. Permanent address
  3. Details of marriage


the below documents need to scan and update which should be between 50kb to 150kb

  1. Marriage confirmation certificate from the court
  2. VRO approval certificate
  3. Photo the bride
  4. Age proof certificate as pan card
  5. Brides scanned aadhar card for the verification
  6. Groom’s scanned aadhar card for the verification
  7. Bride’s scanned bank passbook
  8. Bride mother’s bank passbook

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