How to get Land Model 1-B ROR form Through Dharani Website

Download Model 1-B ROR Form The state Government of Telangana has launched the new portal Dharani for people to get land record details online. This website provides the updated land records after re-survey of lands

Through this website, you can also get your form model 1B ROR easily. This article provides the complete information to download your 1B form through a website.

What is ROR and Model 1B form?

The records of rights register are to maintain the Tehsildar for every village. This form contains the 14 columns also includes details like Khatadar name, survey number, Khata number, father of Khatadar, land classification details, Extent held by Khatadar land revenue

Through the MRO and Mee Seva centers, you can easily get the land model 1B form.

Required information to Download Model 1-B ROR Form through Dharani website:

  • Survey number
  • Katha number
  • Name of district
  • Aadhar number
  • Village name
  • Name of Zone
  • Name of pattadar

Steps to Download Model 1-B ROR Form Through Dharani Website:

  • Visit the Dharani website
  • Here you have to click on a 1-B option
  • And select your 1B form (ROR)
  • Then choose the district name, village name, zone name from the dropdown list
  • And enter any one of the below mentioned numbers:
  • Land Survey number
  • Aadhar number
  • Account number
  • Name of Pattadar
  • And finally, click on “Click” button
  • A popup will arise the along with the land details

Steps to download/print Village Model 1B form through Dharani website:

Download Model 1-B ROR form

  • Go to Dharani official website
  • On the home page click on the “1B” option and select Village Model 1B form (ROR)
  • And choose the District name, Mandal name and Village name from the drop-down menu
  • Click on “Click” button
  • A popup will arise on that, you can generate ROR after selecting the sort option like Sort by name, Sort by Khata, Sort by the extent
  • And click on Generate ROR option to see your village model 1B form
  • You can also download the form by click on “Print ROR” option

This website provides the updated and latest land details in the full secure format. So that no one doesn’t have a chance to misuse that land details. All farmers are eligible to register for new passbook at MRO offices.

This system will make the things easier for both Government and farmers. This Dharani website you will get the information regarding land and available reform schemes. Under this Dharani website, farmers will get a subsidy for inputs while cropping their fields.

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