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Shaadhi Mubarak scheme in Telangana

Why and when the Shaadhi Mubarak scheme launched: After departing of the two states named as the Andhra and the Telangana a new creation and rules got to start up in both the states off course those are very beneficial to the states among those startups one of the schemes called “Shaadi Mubarak “. The […]

Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme Telangana

Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme Telangana – In India, there is a custom that the father of a girl should give dowry to the grooms family members. The marriage occasion should be done under the financial concern of the bride family which is pretty hard for the family who is below poverty line (BPL) and even it’s […]

Rs 5 Lakh Free Insurance Telangana Rythu Bheema Scheme

Telangana Rythu Bheema Scheme Agricultural development is very much necessary in a country like India. Forget India, in Telangana state itself, around 75 lakh farmers carry out agricultural operations. The state government keeps coming up with various schemes and programs so that the farmers are benefited in every way. Recently, a new insurance scheme has […]

Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme

Telagana Rythu Bandhu scheme: Telangana is the South Indian state that came into existence recently after being separated from Andhra Pradesh. This region in India has been a rich source of food grains for many years. The attempts were necessary to bring more area under irrigation. The government is taking measures to facilitate irrigation water […]