Check Aadhar Linking Status with Dharani Telangana Land Records

Aadhar Number Link to Your Account Number Through Dharani website, Telangana citizens get the entire data related to land records. Telangana Government decided to launch Dharani Telangana website for online services. Now people no need to visit check or inquiry of land records for MRO offices. They simply check the details through online

This online portal will provide the many features like download or check your Pahani/Adangal details, Village Pahani details, Model 1B form ROR, check whether your aadhar number is attached to your account number or not etc

The registration process will be done by the Mandal offices. This Dharani website also launches in coordination to their free passbook scheme. This Dharani system will make the things much easier for both Government and farmers

Aadhar Number Link to Your Account Number

Required information to know Aadhar Number Link to Your Account Number:

Here is the list of required information to check whether your aadhar number is linked to your account number:

  • Account number
  • Name of district
  • Zone name
  • Village name
  • Aadhar number

Steps to Check Weather your Aadhar Number Link to Your Dharani Telangana Land Records

  • Visit the Dharani official website
  • And click on the Aadhar Linking option
  • And choose your related District name, the name of the zone, Name of the village from the drop-down list
  • And enter your Account number or Aadhar number
  • Click on “Click” button
  • Then the website will display whether your aadhar number is linked to your account number or not

The state Government will benefit from the scheme as they will able to track land of state. As well as the Government also looking forward to developing the agriculture in the state and also launch along with this scheme another one is Input Subsidy scheme

How Telangana Government provide passbook to farmers:

The Telangana CM has announced to get started with Pattadar passbook is distributed through state-wide for all farmers. This Dharani scheme is expected to cover over 58 lakh state farmers.

The State Government will start distribution process at district level within state wise. The government will form 2761 teams for effective distribution of Pattadar passbooks. So the teams cover all 10323 number of villages at the state level. The total distribution program is expected to complete within 10 days time frame.

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