Uninstall This 9 China Apps, Remove Folder, Erase All data

delete china apps

Uninstall these Apps immediately, if you have any of these apps downloaded on your mobile phone. i think your mobile and your privacy in danger. requested to delete all below Chinese apps. they can access all your data. read personal messages, overwrite all OTP information, infected all gallery, personal data information. it also requests permissions to read SMS messages connect, so infected apps can read your messages and steal your privacy. bank account OTP, personal info Secure OTP Can be accessed by tricks. give more attention to uninstall now.

List of Uninstall China Apps Clear Folder Data

1. Razer Keyboard & Theme by rxcheldiolola
2. Coco camera V1.1
3. Gif Emoji Keyboard
4. Funny Camera by KellyTech
5. Freeglow Camera 1.0.0
6. Creative 3D Launcher
7. Wow Beauty Camera
8. Vlog Star Video Editor


If you have any of these applications downloaded on your mobile phone:
1. Uninstall it immediately.
2. If you find a folder or any file related to the app, remove it.
All these apps were found to be infected by the Autolycos malware.
It also requests permission to read SMS content, so the infected apps can read your SMS & can steal your OTP

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