Best 5 Wildlife Sanctuaries in Telangana, Near Hyderabad Places

Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in Telangana. National parks and beautiful locations, greenery parks and many special attractions in Telangana. we try to explore all special places, Telangana tourism spots, best waterfalls in telangana and many more discussed in our blog. The National Policy for Wild Life Conservation, 1972 has encouraged the development of a number of sanctuaries, National Parks and Reserves in India. State government and central government tourism sector of india developing all tourism places all over india.

Best Wildlife Sanctuary in Telangana Near Hyderabad

  • Pakhal Lake & Wildlife Sanctuary (Near Warangal)
  • Pocharam Dam & Wildlife Sanctuary (Near Medak)
  • Eturnagaram Sanctuary (Near Ramappa Temple)
  • Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary (Near Khammam)

Etunagaram Wild life sanctuary

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Eturnagaram village in Warangal district in Telangana. one of the beautiful places, famous tourism spot. listed out one of the famous wildlife parks in Telangana state. Etunagaram is about 250 kms from Hyderabad. It is situated on Maharashtra, Chhatisgarh and Telangana border and is one of the oldest sanctuaries in this state. by this sanctuary we can see, many interesting animals, special birds. It sanctuary and godavari river passes through the Etunagaram sanctuary. On this forest area, Warangal locals celebrated Sammakka Saralamma Jathara is also held in Etunagaram park. locals some called this sanctuary as ” Dayyam Vagu ” for this nearest city is Warangal, about 55 kms. for visiting December to February is most special best time. Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over a vast area with narrow bands of forest formation with beautiful streams and springs all the way. The sanctuary is one of the rare eco-regions on Earth with its various embryonic species in the thick natural vegetation. The park is also inhabited by reptiles like Magar crocodiles and venomous snakes like cobra, python and krait. many more quick updates. Tourists can see Tiger, Leopard, Wolf, Dholes, Sambar, Spotted deer, Chinkara, Indian giant squirrels and many special animals here.

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Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

The Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary was formerly a hunting ground. It has now been converted into a sanctuary. Pocharam wildlife sanctuary timings are open in all working days. The place is located close to Medak and is a great place to go see and learn about wildlife. location at distance of 15km from medak and is around 120 kms from hyderabad. The thick forest, greenary views of the sancturayr attracts the winged visitors. There is an eco-tourism centre for visitors. Those who want to explore the mammals and birds here should take the safari bus. here visitors can find different types of deer, species of antelopes. Other inhabitants of sancturary wild dogs, leopards, wolves, forest cats, nilgai, chitals also there in sanctuary. Accommodation options are available at Laknavaram.

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Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary

It is located in Paloncha town, Kothagudem district, previously belongs to khammam districts. The sanctuary is spread across a large area which serves as natural habitant for several endangered species and for wild animals. in this sancturary visitors can view panthers, chinkara, cheetal, jackals, wildboards, sloth bear and black bucks. Wildlife sanctury by watching natural greenary, natural homes. visitors will be able to see animals like black buck, sloth bear, wild boar, hyena, sambar, chinkara, gaurs, jackals, cheetals etc. Among the birds, you can see quails, peafowl, spoonbills, teals, doves, jungle fowl etc. River Kinnerasani flows through the sanctuary after which it flows further to join river Godavari.

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Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary

Manjira is one of the most coolest, most amazing clam spot in telangana. many photographers only prefer manjira instead of all other wildlife sanctuaries in telangana. Manjira sancturary located in town of medak. is all about famous for Bird species. During the migratory season, one can see a variety of exotic birds converging on the banks of the river at the sanctuary to make it their temporary home.fresh water turtles and mugger crocodiles amaze all visitors. There are nine small islands which are nesting sites for birds just like the thick forest area inside the sanctuary. The islands are named as Puttigadda, Bapangadda, Sangamadda, Karnamgadda etc. It is at a distance of around 50 Km from the city of Hyderabad. For an adventurous experience, the visitors can have a boat ride for bird watching in the wildlife sanctuary and also in the bird sanctuary. Birds seen here include egret, spoonbill, pintail, partridge, peacock, quail etc. for best view expeirence better to plan between december to febuary only.

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Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the important wildlife sanctuaries in telangana state. Kawal wildlife sanctuary in Adilabad district houses a variety of flora and fauna. The sanctuary is filled with adventure and thrill and thousands of tourists visit this secluded animal kingdom to experience the thrills amidst wild beasts of the region. Animals like cheetal, crocodile, monitor lizard, star tortoise, cobra etc. can be seen here. There is also jeep safaris available for the visitors and bird watching trips as well. for staying rooms accommodation services not available here.

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Other Wildlife Sanctuaries, National Parks in Telangana Near Hyderabad

List of Wildlife sanctuary

    1. Amrabad (Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam) – Maddimadugu – Nallamalla Forest – Mahabub Nagar
  1. Eturnagaram Wildlife sanctuary – WAJIDU – KHAMMAM DISTRICT ( Samakka Sarakka Medaram Jathara )
  2. Kawal Forest Tiger Reservior – Utnur Adilabad District
  3. Kinnersani Forest Wildlife sanctuary – Badrachalam – Kinnerasani Reservoir
  4. Lanja Madugu Siwaram – Lakshettipet – Mancherial – Adilabad District
  5. Manjeera Crocodile Park
  6. Pakhal Lake And Wildlife Sanctuary,(పాఖల్ సరస్సు మరియు వన్యప్రాణుల అభయారణ్యం)
  7. Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary
  8. Pranahita Sanctuary

Mrugavani National Park(మృగవాణి నేషనల్ పార్క్)
KBR National Park (KBR నేషనల్ పార్క్)
Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park(మహావీర్ హరినా వనస్థలి నేషనల్ పార్క్)
Nehru Zoological Park(నెహ్రూ జూలాజికల్ పార్క్)
Shamirpet Deer Park(శామీర్‌పేట జింకల పార్కు)
AliSagar Deer Park(అలీసాగర్ డీర్ పార్క్)

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