Telangana Voter ID Download Check Status by Name DOB

The Election Commission of India has published the voters list for 2022 on their official website. With the convenience of the online system, the need to head to a booth with your ID proof or other essential documents to search for your name in the voters list is no longer required. Definition: The voter’s list (officially known as the electoral roll) is a compiled comprehensive list, which includes the names and other details of voters in a particular constituency.

Telangana Voter ID Download Check Status

However, this has to be done at least 10 days before the elections so that any type of error can be fixed at the earliest. Once the elections are about to begin, alterations are not allowed. Accordingly, people can find their name in the CEO Voters List (Panchayat / Nagar Palika Wise) and can Download Voter ID Card before elections at CEO department is frequently updating its voter id card database. People can check their name in the District Wise / Panchayat Wise voter list of Telangana along with their photo. As the assembly election are coming closer, citizens of Telangana can register online and add their name for Voter ID Card to get Right to Vote in the next assembly elections.

Moreover, people can download the entire Voter List PDF file (Panchayat / Nagar Palika Wise) or can directly find their name in the Electoral Roll (Voter List). People can perform manual searching in the CEO Voter List PDF. In addition to this, people can adopt a hassle free process and check their names online, as the online process makes things easier

Importance of the Voting List

The electoral roll or the voter’s list comprises of names of citizens who can vote in a specific constituency.
The names of the voters are listed irrespective of religion, caste, or gender. This ensures that there is no discrimination, and the constitution carries out the voting process effectively.
The list makes sure that no citizen is denied the freedom to vote.
The voters list is updated before the elections commence.
The updated list ensures that the names of new voters (citizens who have reached 18 years) are added and the names of deceased individuals are removed.
The updated list confirms that there aren’t any fake votes under the names of deceased individuals.
An electoral roll/voter’s list includes information that is similar to the details of a voter ID. The key components are as follows:

The full name of the person
Date of birth
Signature sample
Apart from the above, the other components include:

National ID number
Registration address
Code of the polling station
Name of the polling station
Area or locality
The electoral authorities use these details to authorize the person’s identity at the election booths.

CEO Telangana Panchayat-Wise Voter List Download

The complete procedure to search and download the Electoral Roll / Panchayat-Wise Voters List is specified as follows:-

Firstly go to the official website
Scroll over “Search in PDF” drop down menu option and then click at “Panchayat” link.
Direct Link – To download the complete Electoral Roll PDF, click the link – Telangana Panchayat Wise Voter List With Photo
After that a Panchayat Wise Voter List Download screen will be displayed on the screen.
Fill Details like District, Block, Panchayat, Ward then click “Download” button.
Your Complete Voter List PDF (Panchayat & Ward-Wise) Will be downloaded .
Following the above mentioned process, people can download complete electoral roll or Panchayat wise voter list. Candidates have to search their name manually in the downloaded list.

CEO Telangana Nagar Palika Wise Final Voter List PDF Download
Similar to the above mentioned process, all the candidates can also download the Nagar Palika Wise Final Voter List PDF. The direct link to download the Telangana Nagar Palika Voters List is given below:-

Telangana Nagar Palika Wise Final Voter List PDF Download
Nagar Palika Wise Electoral Roll Final PDF Download page will appear on the screen.

Here candidates have to District, Urban Local Bodies, Ward and Booth Name and then have to click at the “Download” button to download the Final Electoral Roll (PDF). Then candidates can manually fins their name in the Nagar Palika Voter List with Photo.

Download Telangana Voter ID Card Online – Find Name in CEO Voters List (EPIC Number & Name)
In the previous procedures first you had to download complete list of PDF then you were able to find your name in that list. But if you want to find name in voter list Telangana online without downloading the Voter List Final PDF, then you have to follow these steps below:-

Firstly, go to the same official website
Click over “Search in E-Roll” drop down menu option then click “Panchayat” link.
Direct Link – Find Name Online in Panchayat Wise Voters List Telangana
A new screen to search Name in Final Electoral Roll Online in Voters List will be displayed
Fill all required Details like – District, Block, Panchayat, Ward, Voter ID, Name, Relative Name, and enter Captcha
After entering correct details your voter id card detail will be shown which any person can easily download to caste their vote.
All the candidates can search their name online in the Panchayat Wise Voter List Telangana and check whether their name exists in that list. If not, then candidates can apply to add their name in Telangana Electoral Roll (Final Voters List) and get new Voter ID Card.

Name Check in CEO Telangana Nagar Palika Voters List With Name and Other Details
Candidates can directly search their name in the electoral roll using their name and other details through the link given below. All the procedures to find name in voter card list Telangana “Nagarpalika wise”are same as above mentioned in “Panchayat wise” section or you can directly go there by clicking this link:-

Find Name Online in Telangana Nagar Palika Voters List

Here candidates can enter their details like: District, Block, ULB, Ward, Voter ID, Name, Relative Name, Enter Captcha and click on the “View” button to fetch their complete voter card details.Moreover, all those people whose name does not appear in the list don’t need to worry. They can make online registration for Telangana Voter id card and download their Voter ID Card.

Voter Id Card Helpline Number Telangana
Contact our common Service Portal Help-Line no. for further Information
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer with Phone No. – (0612)-2506826, 2506917 and E-mail ID – or

— For other details, visit the website –

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