Telangana Registration Charges, Sale Deed, Gift Deed Process

Government of Telangana Land Registration Process. The immovable property will become a permanent public record. Transfer the property, buy and sell everything will be registered under Sub-Register or. as well as the Telangana registration and Stamps department provide several public services such as registration properties, Marriages, and Partnership deeds. Know more about Stamp Duty and Property Registration Charges in Telangana. Stamp duty is a tax that the State government levies. We pay this tax when property exchanges hands, that is, a transfer of property takes place. Stamp duty charges vary from state to state. Further, buyers have to pay 1% of the deal value in the form of registration charges. various services provided by the State Government Land registration department.

Telangana Land Registration Process Sale Deed, Gift Deed Charges

  • Real Estate property Purchases
  • Gift deeds Registration, Family Settlements
  • Power of Attorney
  • Immovable property sale registration
  • Partition property schedule registration

Registration Duty and charges services in Telangana. Stamp and registration services collect around 6% of the property value as the registration charges. For registration, purposes stamp duty, transfer duty, Registration fees, and Nominal user charges.

Beware of brokers and middlemen. In case of any complaint please call 1800 599 4788

Registration Charges in Telangana.

Sales Agreement Stamp Duty Registration Charges
Sale of immovable property in corporations, selection grade and special grade municipalities 4% 0.5%
Sale of immovable property in other areas 4% 0.5%
Apartments/flats, including semi-furnished, in all areas 4% 0.5%
Sale agreement with GPA 5% ₹ 2000
Sale agreement with possession 4% 0.5% (subject to a minimum

of ₹ 1,000 and a maximum of ₹ 20,000)

Sale agreement without possession 0.5% 0.5% (subject to a minimum of

₹1,000 and a maximum of ₹20,000)


Telangana Registration ServicesTelangana Registration Fees Rates 

Registration fees and stamp duty vary according to the State of Registration. Telangana Government issued Nominal Basic price chart for Calculate Registration Charges by Area. The stamp duty is calculated depending on the market value of the property. And hence varies according to the location of the property. You can check MARKET VALUE For Registration purposes near meeseva centers also. Other charges include EC fees and Document preparation charges additional.

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Sale DEED Registration Conditions

To Buy and sell properties. Follow below Instructions. Property buyers must register the sale of property with Telangana registration and stamp departments. For registration, buyers and sellers and 2 witnesses must go to the sub-registrar’s office. Will all required documents, pay stamp duty, registration and plot registration charges in telangana. The Telangana government registered property registration, Land registration, issued challan stamp duty rates, marriage certificate programs. Firstly applicant must use the public data entry system to upload transaction data as well as the relevant documents. After submitting all valid documents, the applicant can use fees payments in online portal within schedule time and complete property registration requirements in Sub-Registrar’s office. Slot booking in schedule data and time finish the property registration procedure.

Flat OPEN LAND Registration Charges in Telangana

Documents Stamp Duty in Telangana Flat Registration Charge in Telangana Transfer Charges
Sale agreement with possession 4% 0.5 % of the property’s total worth (minimum INR 5,000, maximum INR 20,000) NIL
Sale agreement without possession 0.5% 0.5 % of the property’s total worth (minimum INR 5,000, maximum INR 20,000) NIL
Sale agreement and GPA 5% INR 2,000 NIL
Will NIL INR 1,000 NIL
Sale of semi furnished flat 4% 0.5% 1.5%

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Telangana Government Registration For Open Lands and Flat Registration Services Online. Check Out Sale Agreement Charges with Percentage of Property value.

 Stamp Duty Less in Some Points..

  1. Age of property – Newer properties are more expensive than older properties, and hence have a higher stamp duty Percentage
  2. Gender of the owner – In most states, women need to pay a lower stamp duty fee due to gender subsidy of 2%
  3. Applicant Age– as well as, Newer, youngers have to pay some more…. Sometimes, older individuals have to pay lower stamp duty due to senior citizens’ subsidies.
  4. Site Location – Urban localities charge higher stamp duty when compared to rural areas
  5. Amenities Services – Properties having lesser amenities need to pay lesser stamp duty

Considering points while calculating, Registrate Lands Stamp Duty, Property details. Age of Property, Age of Owner, and Location is main factors considered.

Telangana Registration Charges for Partitions and Gift Deeds

Document Stamp Duty Charges Transfer Charges Registration Charges
Partition amongst the family members 0.5% 0% INR 1,000
Partition amongst the co-owners (non-family members) 1% on the VSS 0% INR 1,000
Settlement amongst the family members 1% 0% 0.5% (based on the minimum amount of INR 1,000 & maximum limit of INR 10,000)
Settlement amongst (non-family members) 2% 0% 0.5% ( “)
Charitable Settlement 1% 0% 0.5% ( “)
Gifts for Relatives 1% 0.50% 0.5% ( “)
Gifts for other purposes 4% 1.50% 0.5% ( “)

New House Registration in Telangana

New House Registration or Name change document charge procedure. Charges for New home register services. Stamp Charge in Telangana: 4% Stamp Charges are depends on Market Value. In case there is a new home buyer then they will be required to pay 0.5% charge as a part of its registration charge & 1.5% as the transfer duty. As well as House registration stamp duty charges also depends on some on Applicant’s age, gender, property location and many more…

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How to Pay Stamp Duty and Registration Fees in Telangana?

Available Online and offline methods to pay stamp duty services in Telangana. Here is provided clear information to make more easy.

Online Procedure

Step 1: Visit Telangana registration official portal.

Step 2: Upload all the required documents and pay the amount which showing on display. It calculate by land area.

Step 3: Book a time slot and appointment with the sub-registrar.

Step 4: Visit the Sub register office and get the documents verified. Provided all required documents.

Step 5: The officer will then complete the process and provide you with the endorsement of the registered document.

Pay Registration Fees by SBI Challan

To pay in the offline method, one has to visit the sub-registrar’s office and pay the fees in the form of a challan.or contact near document writer. They will help you to complete the registration process. The document writer calculate all taxes, charges, and inform you.

Required Documents for Sale DEED House Land Registration

  1. Aadhar Proofs of Buyer and Seller
  2. Buyer & Seller Details
  3. Previous Land Records
  4. Land Valuvation
  5. Land Measurement with Sqy,SQM
  6. Telangana Pattadar Passbook Download Specimen Copy

  7. Ownership Document issued Grama Panchayat or Municipal
  8. Two Witness Details, Aadhar Cards

Require Documents for GIFT DEED

Gift deed registration between Father to son, Husband to wife, Grandfather to Grandson, Brother to brother, Brother to sister, any family can register, transfer land one to one easily. Just paying stamp duty charges providing all details is enough.

  1. Donor & Donee Details
  2. Both Applicant Aadhar card details
  3. Family Relationship, Any Card ( Ration card, aadhar card )
  4. Land Measurement Copy
  5. Previous Land Records
  6. Ownership documents.
  7. Two Witness Details

For more information Follow Dharani Telangana. All State wide government-related information available here.

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