Telangana Land Valuation, Market Value, Mutation Dharani Portal

Telangana Land Valuations, Mutation Process Dharani Telangana offered many various services provided here. Check out Telangana Dharani portal information. Dharani Telangana Maa Bhoomi CCLA Webland Telangana details are offered here. The Government of Telangana has developed a digital portal to ease the process of fetching land records in an online manner. Telangana portal land status, details here.

Telangana Land Valuation Market Value Land Records

Land Details Telangana Land Valuation Details. Dharani Telangana is an integrated window to access land administration and registration services. Also known as Integrated Land Records Management System (ILRMS), the Dharani Telangana portal keeps records of agricultural properties across the state. Know SRO, Land market value and basic details of Ownership property, survey numbers by the dharani portal. To know more about the Dharani portal and its revenue and registration services, refer to dharani official website. Check out the post till the end for the step-by-step procedures to check TS Land Records Online, Land Status, Know SRO, etc. Department of Revenue, Government of Telangana oversees the administration and implementation of the portal.

Check out the Telangana Government scheme details Integrated land records management system which are related to dharani land records. The government of Telangana has launched the Dharani Portal. The portal enables easy access to the land records of the state for knowing values here. The extent of digitalization over the state has grown speedily. services provide Apply for Mutation, Slot Booking, PPB Application, application for NALA, and others. Register on the portal first, register on TS Dharani procedure mentioned below. Encumbrance details are concerned with the information regarding the loans and other financial liabilities on a specific property. services provided with Telangana state government offered with land record services.

Check: Telangana State Land Records Survey Pahani 1B Dharani Portal

Dharani Land Mutations Market Value details

It provides data regarding the type of loan, loan account number, loan status, tenure, loan amount, etc. concerning land here. Contact helpline numbers You can approach the CCLA authorities for issues concerning Dharani Portal and its services through the telephone number 040- 23200027. Dharani Telangana Portal official information here. for more information, queries For any queries related to the services of the Dharani Portal, you can contact the concerned authorities through call. All your questions will be answered at 040- 23200027. It covers the ownership details along with its use, area coverage, etc. As for the Telangana state, the residents can obtain their land records through the Dharani online portal available here.


– Encumbrance Certificate
– Land Details Search
– Duty and Fee Calculator
– Slot Booking for Citizens
– Payment of Stamp Services
– Group Registration
– Track application
– Market Value assistance
– View Unit Rates
– Public data entry
– View Receipts

Dharani offering Instituted by the CCLA, Govt of Telangana, Dharani Telangana is a digital platform that facilitates the online accessibility of the land records registered within the territorial extent of the state. TS CCLA Dharani Portal services also attached to the dharani main menu.

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