Telangana Land Records CCLA Web Official Village Maps with Survey

Telangana Land Records, CCLA Web Official Information land Telangana Telangana State Government provided all information, registration and all land-related information at Dharini portal. all Telangan citizens can use Land records, Land use particulars dharani can helps you. For link documents, registration papers, All working methods caring and submitting information.

Telangana Land Records CCLA Website Village Maps

Telangana State TS Land Records online Dharani app download for map Bhoomi pahani Survey number check. Check land records by survey numbers. In Telangana state, the CCLA Webland Telangana portal has been released online. Everyone facing many difficult situations in Dharani Portal site information. Nowadays, in our country digital campaigns have running in every state.

Telangana State Information Land records Online here. For checking Records, Land registration services can do anything here. Due to this portal, citizens can check land records and Dharani etc. Telangana State Land records and Offiical information Online services available here for checking. So, today we have come here for giving you all the information related to this new online portal. All land records from the past years can be trace from the web portal. The portal is control by the government, providing all land services online.

Telangana dharani Land recording is simplified by the introduction of new advance online systems. The Telangana state government has implemented a simple land record website portal. To help all Telangana state citizens access past and previous records. The Dharani Telangana portal is a land record and viewing system launched by the Telangana state government. Bhulekh, Naksha operates under the Central government National Land Record Modernization Program NLRMP scheme.

Telangana State Information Land records it will help the common man to check details related to their own property online. CCLA Land records Web portal for dharani official web information here. and records, and others details. If you also want to, get more details available for checking all information.

Dharani Telangana Land Records with Survey Numbers

Dharani Telangana – Integrated Land Records Management System Services & Information. Telangana is a fast developing and newly formed state with a very diversified conditions in governance. after many changes now everyone looking at Dharani portal checkout Dharani all Gathered information here. Previously Registration and Stamps department keeps the Land, Plot, Field, Property related records in database. Right now with Digitalization and Transparent Governance a new land records portal is formed @

Introduced new techniques, New advantages information here for checking all dharani Telangana Information here. The New Dharani portal consists of Integrated Land Records Management System, GIS Systems, Document formats downloading, Encumbrance Certificate application, Land Mutation system etc. Previously there were many separate departments which are accessible for the public.

Provided Services:

  • Land maps (Bhu Naksha)
  • Land transfer orders
  • Search cases status and tokens, Slot Booking
  • Land mutation and Details of Prohibited lands
  • Lands with survey numbers
  • ROR
  • Landowner information Phani details
  • Crops and activities on the land.
  • Land type 1-b, pahani, and many types of land details.

IGRS is helpful for getting Encumbrance Certificate Statement and Checking Certified Documents copies. Ma Bhoomi Telangana portal is good to search for FMB, Pahani, Adangal, ROR 1B etc. Registration website is separate for Land Mutation application, Booking slot for land registration and downloading the document title deed formats.

Expected Developments of Dharani Website to public:

  • A single land record management system will help the public to get the data more accurate and update it very fast.
  • Data updating is very fast and backend processing of multiple application forms of various departments.
  • Bringing the Registration and Land Records of Agricultural lands under one place.
  • Certified details of each and every surveyed property, land, plot and buildings with satellite co-ordinates.
  • Instant alerting about the mutation application of various registration deeds.
  • Banks can use this portal to track the land transactions, transfers etc for their application processing.

Dharani portal is one stop solution for accessing details related to agricultural land records and non-agricultural land records within the Telangana state. Before this portal, for every work related to government, citizen needs to visit the concerned department for same. But now for land details you can check CCLA Webland Telangana.

CCLA stands for Chief Commissioner of Land Administration. So, all the land details information candidates can get from this portal. Before this portal, people need to visit the government official. And earlier two new portals were also launched. Maa Bhoomi or CCLA for acquiring details about agricultural land records has developed. And also Integrated Land Records Management ( ILRMS ) or Dharani for getting non-agricultural land records.

List of Services Available in Telangana Dharani Website:

  1. Revenue Department Services | Stamp Duty Registration
  2. Telangana Land Mutation or Succession Application, Mutation Services
  3. Land Conversion, Zone Conversion of a plot or surveyed property Details
  4. Telangana Agriculture Income Certificate Online Application, Nominee Details
  5. Dharani Telangana Land Valuation Certificate Issuance Form-A

Telangana Government IRS Registration & Stamps Department Services:

  1. Certified Copies Application Status Info
  2. Calculate Stamp Duty and Registration Fees Sale Deed/Gift Deed
  3. Property Details, Apply for Encumbrance Certificate of property or survey number.
  4. Book a Registration slot or Re-schedule already booked slot.
  5. Time Slots Track Application status of Encumbrance Certificate, Certified copies, FMB etc
  6. Applying for Group Registration in Telangana
  7. Telangana Stamp Duty Online Payment or Registration Fees Payment
  8. Search for Land Details with Khata number or Sruvey number in Dharani Portal
  9. Telangana Registered Document Details
  10. Download Various Document Formats

Telangana CCLA Land records Reports Total village maps with Survey numbers available here for checking online database. Here provided Telangana dharani portal information and get gathered information Telangana Portal services.

Services Offered by CCLA Telangana Portal:

1. Land Records Portal
2. eKYC for Land Records
3. SCCL Land Regularisation GO 76
4. ULC Land Regularisation GO 92
5. Land Regularisation GO 58 and 59
6. ULC Land Regularisation Management System as per GO No. 747
7. Pending GO 166 appl Land Regularisation GO 179

All Gathered information Data Services will make sure give clear ideas about Telangana dharani portal and registration Process. For more information, any doubts feel free to contact us Stay connected with us follow us on Twitter, Facebook Handles.

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