Telangana Free Building Permissions TS-BPASS Approval

Telangana Free House Permissions Constructions. Telangana Government introduced TS-bPASS for instant approval for building constructions. Construction of ground plus, First Floor house in an area up to 75 square yards in Telangana’s urban areas will no longer require permissions from local bodies, providing a big relief to urban poor. under TS-bPASS rules, for plots with area up to 75 square yards, no building permission is required for construction of an individual house. The applicant will have to register online to construct the house paying Rs 1 as token fee. Hassle-free building permission system, TS BPASS Building permissions is amazing opportunity for telangana citizens.

The Telangana government introduced Telangana State Building Permission Approval and Self Certification System (TS-Bpass) to ensure transparency in development of land permission system. All the applications pertaining to building plan, layout, occupancy, change of land use and others are being filed under the system for approval.

TS-BPASS Telangana Free Building Permissions Grama Panchayat

TS-BPASS System Key Benefits

B-Pass System Environment working a single-window system that offers the One application form for the creation of many NOCs. Customer-friendly servers, Loads dynamic speed systems. Processing of timely application for the approval of the layout through online self-certification. Land use and land conversion permits are handled with separate blocks. After verifying the permits issued for the applicant within the specified duration of 21 days, building permits are sanctioned.

No building permits and occupancy certificates are required for plot sizes up to 75 square yards (Sq. Yds). Upto 75Syq applicants can get an instant building approval process.

Under TS-bPASS, applications are filed and processed in different categories. Under Instant Registration, applications of individual residential building of plot area upto 75 square yards and height upto 7 meters (G 1 floor) are filed.

In the Instant Approval category, individual residential building of plot area above 75 square yards and upto 600 square yards and height upto 10 mtrs, are filed.

Under the Single Window Approval (Buildings) category, all residential building of plot area above 500 sq. mtrs and or height above 10 mtrs and all non-residential buildings (High Rise Buildings, Group Development Schemes, Apartment complexes, Multiplexes, non- residential buildings and layouts, are filed.

In the Single Window Approval for Layouts category, approval for tentative layout and final layout are presently processing by District Layout Approval Committee headed by concerned District Collector.

The self-certification will provide instant permission for construction in plots from 75 sq. yds to 600 sq. yds and start work. For all layouts and buildings of over 600 sq.yds and more than 10 meters in height, a single window will be declared approval. The new TS-bpass system will provide fast, minimally documentation building approval and transparent delivery of citizen services.

Procedure to apply for Telangana Gram Panchayat & Municipal building permission. Processing and Rules of Building Registration Process Applicants submit their documents with the processing fee. Concerned officer receives the application form. applications is scrutinized at different levels. After the Building Committee approves the file, you must pay the building permit fees. From passing all these stages, Building committee reviews the recommendation and approves rejects or suggest modifications a revision of plans. After sucessful fee payments, Building permissions online copy will be available online to download. it digitized signed copy.

Required Documents for Apply Building Permissions.

1) Building Application with Owner, Builder, Architect, Structural Engineer Signatures
2) Auto CAD Drawings of buildings plans in PreDCR Format. The Plans of location, Site, contour, terrace, rainwater, harvesting pits & Mortgage plan are signed adequately by the owner, Builder, Architect, engineer, surveyor, structural engineer. For Municipality limits building permit.
3) license fee of 10,000/- must be paid as an initial fee through an online payment.
4) All declaration forms signed by the owner and attested by a gazetted officer.
5) License copy of architect, structural engineer issued by GHMC Attested by Gazetted officer.
6) Ownership and Linked documents Attested by Gazetted officer. Latest 7) Encumbrance Certificate issued by the Registration Department.
8) Up to date Property Tax Receipt.
9) Comprehensive Insurance Policy for 6 years

If the permission is not granted within 21 days after due scrutiny, the online system generates permissions automatically on the 22nd day.

For Plot Sizes up to 75Sqy and the construction of ground or ground plus first floor will not require any permissions. The Applicant however needs to register any permission. The Applicant need to register online with a token amount of just 1 rupee. and duly self-certifying his title, the size of the plot and floors, it shall also not require a completion certificate or occupancy certificate. any plot bigger than 75 Sqy can not be split for this purpose or this provision cannot be misused.

For above 500 sqm plot area or height up to 10 meters, the permissions applications for all the individual residential buildings having plot area of 500 sqm and less and building height of 10 meters as specified. shall be procesed through an online-based self-certification system in accordance with the master plan or detailed planning scheme.

For more 500 square meters and height above 10 meters, there shall be a single-window system in case of an application for building permission in plots of the area above 500 square meters and height above 10 meter and all commercial buildings, high rise buildings. The online application has to be submitted with all requisite documents as may be prescribed. The online system shall not accept the application unless al such documents are submitted.

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