Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Land Owner Details

The government of Telangana Registration and Stamps department provided many services, Land registration, and documentation process. Document registration services as notice to the public through recorded details. Stamp duty, transfer duty and registration fees and many tax form are collected by departments. IGRS provided servces transparency and reduces fraudulent activities in terms of registration of documents. save lots of time, enegry. Available servcies on registration Telangana services. provided market value search, prohibited property, certified copy , encumbrance search, Property registration and society registration many various types of services available under IGRS Telangana portal. IGRS Telangana is an online portal of the registration and stamps departments. Provides registered document services to the public. The integrated Grievance redressal system IGRS. Government can maintain records and offer many services concerning Telangana registration.

Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Online Apply Download

Encumbrance Certificate EC Document is available online. An important document for the property as it states the charges that are held against a property. Encumbrance certificate ensures that there are no litigations or any issues, dues against the property, which you want to do operational with. Encumbrance certificate Telangana acts as proof of ownership of the property. The state government of Telangana issues the Encumbrance certificate for its citizens and they do so with help of an official online web portal for better online accessibility services. Online Encumbrance certificate portal helps with increase efficiency and saves time for the citizens as they do not have to visit physical appearance at offices. and promotes transparency and reduces illegal spam activities. for getting EC Documents, a Title deed, sale deed and other details of your property.  for checking online required documents are, Title deed, sale deed and other details of the property, ownership certificates, in case there are any other deeds executed on the property such partition deed or sale deed, gift deed.

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KYC documents are required for EC certificate. examine the documents and details that you will be submitting as those details will be considered as final and no further changes will be made to the EC. need to apply for rectification deed along with documentary proof for the mistakes. Apply EC Online by visiting the meeseva, IGRS Portal online services and reliable. for checking status encumbrance certificate by visiting the official portal and clicking on encumbrance search. Enter the necessary details field provided and click on submit option. Registered documents online Telangana are required for apply online. need to pay get an encumbrance certificate in Telangana.

Pay to get an encumbrance certificate in Telangana. for the application process apply 25 rupees as basic services for search of over 30 years the cost is 500 for search under 30 years. for additional years search cost 200 extra. The Telangana government, through the IGRS portal, is also able to maintain records like EC Telangana and offer many services. Government is able to provide the benefits of the important services to the citizens easily.

Government can takes extra safety measures to prevent spams. Earlier, people had to make rounds of the government office to do any document online. now much easier to get certificate online. Now any citizen can get Encumbrance Certificate of property online. With this, people will be able to know important details with the help of an encumbrance certificate before buying property and this will also prevent people from falling prey to fraud. by this process we can check all original seller, and ownership details. An encumbrance certificate is one of the documents required at the time of purchase of the property. The Encumbrance Certificate certifies that there is no outstanding on the property and that the ownership of the property is clear and marketable.

Encumbrance Certificate Download Telangana

Encumbrance certificate plays an important role before buying or selling any property. Everyone must check EC Document before buying/selling property in telangana. This allows the buyer to get to know about the current owner of the property and also gets information about whether the property is not legally or financially in any bond. clear title documents always preferrable. Encumbrance certificate certifies that there are no dues on the property, and the ownership of the property is clear and marketable. Encumbrance certificate contains details of all transactions done on the specific property.  Encumbrance certificate in Telangana is a document assuring a prospective investor of a property in question is free from any legal or economic liabilities or ownership issues. It is of utmost importance to get an EC to be able to secure the legal title of the property, besides standing a chance for availing of loans from financial institutions against the immovable asset.

Services Under IGRS Telangana Portal:

  • Property Land Registration ( Sale Deed/ Gift Deed / Mortagage Deed )
  • Market Value Search by Area Village Wise
  • Prohibited Property
  • Certified Copy
  • Encumbrance Search(EC)
  • e-STAMPS
  • Marriage Registration
  • Society Registration
  • Firm Registration
  • Information on Chit Fund
  • Stamp Vendors / Notaries / Franking services

Importance of Encumbrance Certificate Telangana

EC Document Online Certificate services for the below information helps you to know how to check EC online Telangana. You need EC Telangana when you want to buy a house by applying for a loan or sell a house. Property full details with owner change details also available. An Encumbrance Certificate Telangana contains all the transactions registered for a property during a particular period. Telangana EC Search informs you if there are any claims or encumbrances on the property. Financial Institutions like banks require 10-15 years of EC Telangana on the house for sanctioning a loan. Any bank in telangana must asked document is “EC Certificate “ for home loans.

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The Encumbrance Certificate Telangana is an important document used for buying property or land in India and Telangana Stamps and Registration. It is evidence of ownership title. To transfer the property, EC is required compulsory. To apply for a loan for the purchase of property in any nationalized bank and institution, you have to furnish the Encumbrance Certificate Telangana to confirm the property is free from any other debts. It is an important Certificate to get changes to the property done online. Ownership document must be provided to the related Village or Panchayat Officer in your area to update the land tax records. EC Telangana is an important document that helps to withdraw the Provident Fund (PF) for a property purchase or house construction. After 2019, telangana government listout must and check documents for all properties.

Search Encumbrance Certificate 2022

Registration and stamps portal provided search option. To search for your encumbrance certificate you need to follow the simple steps given below, here provided clear simple step by step instruction carefully. First, visit the official website of Registration & Stamp Department, Government of Telangana given here. On the homepage, click on the “Encumbrance Search (EC)” link under the Online Service option. Telangana Web portal IGRS Telangana Services. On display  e-Encumbrance Statement will appear on the screen. Before applying Read the instructions carefully. Then click on the “Submit” button. the search page will appear on your screen. Two search options will be displayed on your screen. Search by Document No. and Search by Form Entry.

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For checking with options, Enter the year of registration. And enter the first letter of their SRO name/code or fill a form. Click on the “submit” button. The e-Encumbrance certificate will appear on the screen. Save it. You can take printout directly. Or save pdf file

Encumbrance Certificate Charges Payment Amount

To get an Encumbrance certificate online services, the Candidate has to pay some amount as charges. The Registration charges to be paid to get the TS EC (Telangana Encumbrance Certificate) are mentioned below. The service charges to be provided by the applicant are Rs 25 , and the applicant must also pay legal fees. These payments vary as per the age of the applicant.

The age of the applicant is below 30 years , then he/she has to remit charges are Rs 200 .

The age of the applicant is 30 or above 30 years , then he/she has to pay Rs 500 .

The Encumbrance certificate provide by Government of Telangana through IGRS Telangana online portal from particular land or property mentioned is free from any legal dispute, it solve almost many land related issues.

Sub-Register SRO Time slot booking Process

For the time slot process, candidates must complete all documents before booking time slots. As there are many applicants for property registration and it is so hectic to handle all at the same time. So to avoid the rush and make it possible for every citizen to register their property at sub-registrar, IGRS Telangana has recently launched Time slot booking on the online portal. By this methods we can get information regarding all Slot services Follow the steps below to book a time slot online now.

Step 1: Open official website of IGRS TS

Step 2: Click on the link “Slot Booking For Citizens“

Step 3: Login screen appears if you are already registered then login to the portal or sign up first and then login.

Step 4: Once login check availability of time slot and book slot online by providing other required basic details for booking.

Step 5: Submit the application.

Apply Telangana EC (TS Encumbrance Certificate) online

Online application for EC Encumbrance certificate in telangana state. There no option to apply directly online EC certificate but you can get form online and submit it to the sub-registrar office. Meeseva centers also providing certificate,. If you want to the procedure to download the form in PDF then follow the below steps carefully.

Visit the official website of Telangana MeeSeva Portal.

Click on Application Forms from the left menu.

Among all services find registration>Encumbrance certificate.

Download EC application form / Telangana EC Application form

Applicant can print the form and fill it properly by reading instructions also attach required documents and submit it to nearest meeSeva Center.

How to Get Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Online at SRO

The steps to get Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Online are:

Step 1: Visit the Telangana Registration and Stamp Department’s official web portal at

Step 2: Click on the ‘Encumbrance Certificate’ link under the ‘Online Services’ section.

Step 3: You will be redirected to another page where you will be required to login with the credentials.

Step 4: A disclaimer will appear. Read it and click on ‘Submit’.

Step 5: You will be redirected to another page where you would be required to select the search criteria from a dropdown menu.

Step 6: If you select “Document No.” as your search criteria, you will have to enter the first few letters of your SRO’s name, and year of registration to search Telangana EC.

Step 7: If you select “Form Entry” as your search criteria, you will have to search by filling in the required fields, including flat number, house number, district name, and SRO details, among others.

Contact Information and Helpline Numbers

For Land related issues, Registration services. If you have any problem regarding the services available at the portal which is launched by the Telangana authorities then you can contact on the following helpline numbers that have been provided by the concerned authorities of the official web portal.

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Complaints, For general issues, enquiries Whatsapp Number- 9121220272 and contact Toll-Free Number- 18005994788


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