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Government of telangana ordered to distribute Telangana Seed Distrubution online Scheme wise agency wise alloted to all districts. the agriculture department, seed cell distributed as per requirement in all districts. Further seed is alloted to mandals wise in all districts. Subsidy sales, subsidy seeds purchases alloted to sale points by mandal level authorizes.

Telangana Farmers can get Free Seed Distribution Agriculture

Farmers need to visit near Kishan sale point or MRO Office located in their mandal along with Pattadar passbook and Aadhar card. digitalize system to realize dream of good Governance. subsidised seed distrubution system designs and developed for welfare of agriculture farmers in the state of telangana for issue of subsidy seed. Farmers need to visit region kishan sale point along with pattadar passbook and aadhar card. entering khata number, land records data from CCLA webland according to agriculture land details. Applicant must have pattadar name, father name, aadhar number, survey number, wise land details, crop details and occupant details. Farmers need to integrate with aadhar card biometric devices to identify the farmer. seed selection requested by the farmer, the system prompts with seed eligibility, rate and amount to be paid online/offline mode. seed subsidy amount can be paid through net banking, credit card, debit card and more. Permit slip is generated and SMS will be sent to the farmers mobile number. Seed distribution farmers permit slip download now. Farmer has to show the permit slip or sms sent through system at the Kishan sale point and buy the seed. the System generates various reports required by mandal office government authorities.

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Objective :

To ensure quality seed production, seed distrubution and supply of state and central released varieties of differnet crop species, telanagan government seeds, maintaining seed buffer, extension and technical support to the farming community. financial support to seed development and distrubution corporation. provide budget wise economically farmers seed distrubution. focus on increasing the agriculture productivity like Israeli farmers and impart training for the farmers in the rest of the state on the best practices in agriculture and quality seed production.

Telangana  will be the Seed Bowl of the World

Telanagan Seed Distrubution Contact Information:

Telangana State Seed Development Corporation. State Seed Devlopment Corporation, Haca Bhawan, Opposite Public Garden, Lakdi Ka Pool, Hyderabad-500004, Telangana, India

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Telangana Seed Distribution Online

Telangana Seed Distribution Records Stats Release date

Government soil cards were distributed to 14,000 farmers and revenue staff were on the job of extending ₹4,000 per acre assistance based on the online pahani system. The administration unveiled the annual credit plan to extend to a ₹660 crore, covering 80 per cent of the farm loan this year.


Nizamabad district had already earned a name for being a self-sufficient and  progressive district, and was exporting quality red jowar and pearl millet seeds to other states in the country, including Punjab.

Telangana ” Seed bowl of the world ” initiated from Ankapur village of Armoor mandal in the Nizamabad district.

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Telangana Subsidy Seeds 

Maize Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids :BML-7, DHM-117, BML-6, BHML-45

Paddy Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids : BPT-5204,RNR-15048, MTU-1010, MTU-1001, MTU-1061, KNM-118, JGL-18047, MTU 7029. Bengal gram Seeds
  • Varieties/ Hybrids :JG-11, JAKI-9218

Black gram Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids :PU-31, LBG-752, LBG-787, MBG-207

Green gram  Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids :MGG-295, WGG-42, WGG-2, MGG-347, MGG-351

Red gram Subsidy Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids : PRG-176, ICPL-87119, BSMR-736, PERENNIAL KOLOMBO

Groundnut Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids :K-6, K-9

Sesamum Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids :SWETHA

Soybean Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids :JS-335, ADB-22

Bajra Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids :HHB-67(IMPROVED), H77/833-2-202

Jowar/Sorghum Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids : CSV-15, 20 AND 27

Dhaincha Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids : DHAINCHA

Sunhemp Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids : SUNHEMP

Chilli Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids : CHILLI

Pillipesara Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids : PILLIPESARA

Okra Seeds

  • Varieties/ Hybrids :ARKA ANAMIKA

Tomato Seeds

Telangana State Seed Development Corporation

The Telangana State is emerging as the seed bowl of the country with its favourable agro climinatic conditions, terms of land agriculture and required infrastructure for seed production. The state has best of the agricultural research institutions of National and International repute to supplement and augment production, producing best seeds in market, productivity and development of new varieties and hybrids. State seed development committee, seeds produced in this State are widely preferred for its good luster, purity and favourable storage conditions for long storage there by validity.

The Telangana development seeds Corporation which is the only State Public sector Undertaking for seed production which produces various crop seeds of different classes. The Corporation is the Nodal agency meeting the seed requirement of the Department of Agriculture in the state. With emphasis on the production of seeds through individual farmers for improving their livelihood, as per the initiative of the Government of Telangana State the corporation is distributing seeds on subsidy for seed production besides seed distribution.

For more information follow Dharani Telangana Portal for State wide information, Updates.

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