Telangana Police SI Preliminary Exam 2022 Question Paper With ANSWER Key

Telangana SI Prelimns Answer Key TSSLPRB Police SI Recruitment board will be conducting examination to the Sub inspector in Telangana state. conducting exam in 7th august 2022. the exam will be conducted from 10am to 1 pm in 500+ centers across the state. The Telangana government Police recruitment SI Prelims answer key 2022 august. TS SI Prelims Qualifying Marks 2022 Caste reservation wise, BC, SC, ST Marks. Every category candidate is only 30%. By securing only qualifying marks no one will be called for the Physical Standard Test & Physical Efficiency Test.

TS Police SI Prelims Answer Key 2022

TS Police Sub Inspector Question Paper Answer key Set wise check the official portal. Telangana State Level Police Recruitment Board also give a chance of challenge/ objection calling against Question Paper/Subject wise Answer key Provisional Answer Key of Stipendiary Cadet Trainee (SCT) Sub Inspector (Civil, AR, SAR CPL, TSSP), Station Fire Officer, Deputy Jailor And Sub Inspector (IT, Assistant) Exam 2022. Prelims Exam question paper answer key Telangana history, general knowledge, india history questions with answers. Multiple choice questions Choose option A B C D Answers.

Application For Posts: Stipendiary Cadet Trainee (SCT) Sub Inspector of Police, Sub Inspector (Men), Information Technology & Communications Organization, Stipendiary Cadet Trainee (SCT) Sub Inspector, Stipendiary Cadet Trainee (SCT) Assistant Sub Inspector – Finger Print Bureau

The TSLPRB SI Answer Key 2022 will be released on the official website of the TSLPRB @ Provisional answer key will be subjected to objections. Set wise Answer key Papers wise Available here. After considering all the objections, a final answer key will be released. A cut-off list will be prepared on the basis of this final answer key. Minimum marks are to be maintained both in the prelims and final exam to be able to move to the next round or selection. Without that no candidates can go further. Check out below Questions and Answers. Check Answer key Question paper Searching for the TS Police Sub Inspector Prelims Exam 2022 Answer Key PDF Download. The Telangana Police SI Answer Key 2022 Helps the Aspirants to Check TS Police SI Prelims Cut Off Marks 2022 Predictions marks list. The Aspirants Having Names in the TSLPRB SI Result 2022 Merit List have to appear in the TS Police SI Mains Exam 2022 – 2023 online.

TSLPRB SI Key 7 August 2022 Check out now. Check the answer key with the Questions PDF File available

Question 1:

A Person invested an Amount of X at the rate of 18% simple interest per annum and an amount of Y at the rate of 12% simple interest per annum. He received interest of 4,320 at the end of the year had he interchanged the amounts invested, he would have received interest of 4680, then |X-Y|= ?

Option 1: 9,500 Rupees
Option 2: 8,000 Rupees
Option 3: 7,5000 Rupees
Option 4: 6,0000 Rupees

Answer: 6,000 Rupees

Question 2:

The ratio of principal and the total amount with r% simple intrest rate on that principal after 1 year is a:b then value of r in terms of a,b is

1) (b-a)/a x 100
2) (b-a)/b x 100
3) (b-a)/(b+a) x 100

4) b+a/b-a x 100

Answer: 1

in a police battalion of 600 police, the average height is 150 cm. Later it is discovered that for x policemen heights are copied wrongly as 160 cm instead of 190 cm. by taking the correct heights, the average is increased to 155 cm. then x=

Option 1 : 120
Option 2: 100
Option 3: 180
Option 4: 150

Answer 2

in 2022 august 15th is on Monday. Then the day of the week on which republic day will be celebrated in the year 2024 is.

Option 1 : Tuesday
Option 2: Wednesday
Option 4: Thursday
Option 4: Friday

Answer: 4 Friday

in a code language, mathematics improve reasoning is coded as du mu vu, reasoning improves logical thinking is coded as vu lu du ya and logical thinking improves common sense is coded as ma ya du lu ta then in the same code language mathematics improves logical thinking is coded as .

Option 1: vu lu mu ya
Option 2: ta ya mu lu
Option 3: du mu ya lu
Option 4: mu ya du vu

Answer: 3 du mu ya lu

in a certain code write exam well is written as im rs ek, All is well is written as ek jp pm, exam is easy is written as rs jp wk, then using this code, all write the exam well is written as.

Option 1: ek rs jp pm
Option 2: ek rs lm pm
Option 3: wk jp rs pm
Option 4: ek rs jp wk

What should come in the place of question mark (?) in the following alpha numeric series.
B2E, C5G, E7K, G11M

Option 1: M15Q
Option 2: k13O
Option 3: K13Q
Option 4: K15S

Question : The Southwest monsoon sets in first in _____ state

Option 1: Tamil nadu
Option 2: Kerala
Option 3: Karnataka
Option 4: Maharashtra

Answer: Option 2 : KERALA

Question : TSRTC filed a _______ case against rapido organization over an advertisement

Option 1: Defamation
Option 2: Copyright
Option 3: Cheating
Option 4: Conspiracy

Answer: Option 2 : Defamation

Question : Russia has overtaken which country to become india’s second biggest supplier of oil ?

Option 1: Qatar
Option 2: Iran
Option 3: Saudi arabia
Option 4: Ukraine

Answer: Option 3 : Saudi Arabia

Question : The Human Development index is an indication of _____

Option 1: Income, Health, Education
Option 2: Income, Health, Trade
Option 3: Health, Education, Nutrition
Option 4: Income, Health, Imports

Answer: Option 1 : Income, Health, Education

Question : Cycline asani, which formed in the month of may 2022 affected _____ state

Option 1: Andhra pradesh
Option 2: Tamilnadu
Option 3: Kerala
Option 4: Karnataka

Answer: Option 1 : Andhra pradesh

Question : Who organized democratic telangana conference in december, 1997 in the banner of ‘ All India people resistance forum ” ?

Option 1: Marrichenan reddy
Option 2: K Jaya shankar
Option 3: Kaloji Narayan rao
Option 4: Veda kumar

Answer 2: K Jaya Shankar

Question : Identify the commission appointed by telugu desham government in june, 2001.

Option 1: Bhargava Commission
Option 2: J M Girglani commission
Option 3: Non-Mulki Protection comission
Option 4: Telangana mulki Comission

Answer 2: KM Girglani Commission

Question : What is the historical important of the day 27th april 2001 in the final phase of telangana movement ?

Option 1: Formation of telangana elites forum
Option 2: Foundation telangana jana sabha
Option 3: Bongiri declaration
Option 4: Foundation of telangana rastra samithi

Answer 4: Foundation of Telangana rastra samithi

Question : Increasing blood clotting time is due to the deficiency of which of the following vitamin ?

Option 1: Vitamin K
Option 2: Vitamin B
Option 3: Vitamin A
Option 4: Vitamin C

Answer 1: Vitamin K

For more questions, Answers, check our pdf file here. Stay tuned for more information.

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