Muthyala Dhara Waterfalls Near Hyderabad Telangana

Best Place for natural lovers. Much delight of nature adenture tourists, Muthyamdhara waterfalls is located in jayashankar Bhupalapally dist. of Telangana. it is situated deep in venkatapuram nugur forest, mulugu district.

Muthyala Dhara Waterfalls Near Hyderabad

It could be the country’s third highest plunge waterfall dropping from estimated 700ft at Gaddalasari. The beautiful waterfalls also known as Vontimamidi lodhi waterfalls. From the height it falling it won’t touch the ground directly, the flow is affected by wind making it look stunning. to reach waterfall origin point people needs to trek for seven kms to reach Muthyamdhara waterfalls. It forms a small pool once it touches the ground which is good recreation for swimming enthusiasts. to reach waterfalls, must take the help of the local tribals as they are aware of the paths in the forest. Unknown to many, this will be the country’s third highest waterfall could be hidden away in a remote corner of Jayashankar Bhupalpally district. waterfalls drop from a height of around 400 feet. it hidden gem in the forest all these years and known only to the local tribals. it is located about 35 kms from Bogatha waterfalls which also known as Telangana Niagara waterfalls. the water falls from an estimated 700 feet height at Gaddalasari. If confirmed, this could be India’s third highest after the Nohkalikai falls (1,100 feet in Meghalaya) and Jog falls (Karnataka, 830 feet).

Best time to visit waterfalls is during the Monsoon season from July – September.

How to Reach Muthyala Dhara Waterfalls Telangana

After Crossing the Godavari Bridge you will see a junction to go Bogatha Falls. Take left road which is going towards ventakapuram which is 25kms. Road till venkatapuram is in good condition.Before 6Kms from Bogatha Waterfalls you will find a Right turn to Venkatapuram Village From Highway to Venkatapuram village, it is around 20Kms and from their drive Exactly 5Kms. Muthyamdhara falls can reached after a 8km hike from village. Half of the path is accessible by tractors which can be hired in the village.

Other Tourist Visiting Near Places

  • Kongala Waterfalls (24 km away)
  • Bogatha Waterfalls (30 km away)
  • 1000 Pillars temple
  • Eturunagaram Wildlife Sanctuary ( 40km away)
  • Laknavaram Lake ( 90 km)
  • Bhadrakali Temple
  • Bhadrachalam ( 90 km)

for accommodation purposes, no rooms, private accommodations not available. to stay near mutyaladhara waterfalls, request the villagers and stay in near by schools, community halls. for hotel rooms, laknavaram and stay in island resort, it is haritha telangana tourism.

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