Mission Bhagiratha Project Telangana

Mission Bhagiratha Information, its a dream project for telangana people. Providing safe drinking water for every household. Under the telangana drinking water supply water board behalf of state government takes grand decision to mammoth 1.5lakh km stretch execaution of pipelines would be laid to quench the thirst of telangana towns and villages apart from providing water for the industrial needs. For the Mission Bhagiratha proects water of rivers and reservoirs would be utilised as a raw water source. Mission bhagiratha is intended to ensure that no female member of telangana state household would need to walk miles to carry drinking water. Under this Mission Bhagiratha scheme, government provide 100 litres per capita per day treated and piped water to every household in rural areas. Distribute to each house hold through a modern,rationalised intra village network by providing tap connections to each household. it includes 1600 MW Thermal Power station of NTPC at Ramagundam, 1200 MW Thermal Power Station of Singareni Collieries in Adilabad district.

Mission Bhagiratha Project Vision Details

Mission Bhagiratha ensure safe and sustainable Safe drinking water supply from surface water.

100 LPCD Litres for rural areas,
135 LPCD for Municipalities
150 LPCD for Municipal Corporations
10% Quantity allocated to Industrial requirements
To provide each household with a tap connection.
10% of water in all Irrigation sources reserved for Drinking Water.

Mission Bhagiratha Scheme

Mission Bhagiratha Geography Map Location:

No of segments – 26
Tentative Project Out lay – Rs 45,028 crores
Total Geographical area to be covered – 1.11 lakh Sqkm
Total Population benefitted – 2.72 crores
Constituencies to be covered – 99
Urban Local Bodies to be covered – 65(outside ORR)
Rural Habitations to be covered – 24,225

Mission Bhagirata Water Sources
Krishna River( and its tributaries)and Godavari River (and its tributaries )
Water requirement(86.11 TMC (2048))
Krishna Basin : 32.43 TMC
Godavari Basin :53.68 TMC
Total households to be covered – 65,29,770
Rural households to be covered – 52,47,225
Urban Households to be covered – 12,82,545
Total pipeline network – 1.460 lakh Kms

Scale of Supply
Rural – 100 LPCD
Muncipalities Nagarpalikas – 135 LPCD
Municipal Corporations – 150 LPCD
Power Requirements – 235 MW.

Information About Mission Bhagiratha

Mission Bhagiratha is a massive project with an outlay of Rs 45,028 Crores
Targeted to be completed in a record time of 3 years
Covers 2.72crore people and 65.29 lakh households
Mission Bhagiratha to be a SMART GRID with Optic Fiber Network provided along the pipe line
IT enabled Monitoring Systems – Smart Project with Automated Systems

Mission Bhagiratha Water Capacity

Under it safe drinking water will be provided to about 25000 rural habitations and 67 urban habitations. Its objective is to provide 100 litres of clean drinking water per person in rural households and 150 litres per person in urban households.

Mission Bhagiratha Tour Details

Mission Bhagiratha Water Connection Details

Mission Bhagiratha is a water grid project that aims to provide safe drinking water to all even to remotest places in Telangana. Its object

Advantages Mission Bhagiratha Areas Project Work Conclusion

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