Lalitmodi SushmitaSen Pics Private Leaked Images Goes Viral

Lalit Modi Sushmita Sen Love story, Pics goes viral. check out images pics lalith modi susmitha sen honeymoon pics, kiss romantic photos shared on internet, goes crazy with 2 leaked pics only. lalith modi officially announced dating with crime partner miss india Sushmita sen. shares romantic pics with Sushmita sen calling ” my better half ” Check out Lalith modi Sushmita sen kiss photos and romantic love images shared here.

From IPL fixing to falling in love with his mother’s friend and many more; check out the six big controversies of Lalit Modi’s life every step is easy.

lalith modi sushmita sen pics

sharing personal pics of lalit modi and sushmitasena. changed Instagram bio details. mentioned @sushmitasena47 mentioned ” finally starting a new life with my partner in crime. my love @sushmitasena45. crazy combination, huge and round.

Netizen comment: Lalit modi acting like a 13 year old kid who is first time in relationship Nibba :-p after changing bio in Instagram.

sushmitasena lalit modi picsThat’s why Elders are always right when they say ” Chaar paise bachaake rakho, budhaapa mei kaam aayenge.. hahaha  – one of the best comment by netizen on twitter.

Quote of the day:  No girl will choose 6 cars over 6 packs so stop going to gym and go to work.

This is one of the Best and Hilarious Tweets You Will Read 😂😂😂 Aarya is sent to bring Lalit Modi Back !! #LalitModi #SushmitaSen #SushmitaSenLalitModi. 

sushmitasena lalitmodi photos

I guess to comment of this is not advisable since it’s a personal life and every woman have freedom to choose her man. If she is not having the problem then why should trollers poke their noses in between.

lalitmodi sushmitasena love images

Many trolls identify money as the primary motivator for this relationship. Well, it’s not really reasonable to associate a woman with a perception that has no validity. Maybe she finally found someone to look forward to Let’s make it normal stop stereotyping

Sushmita Sen has chosen Lalit Modi to date. We can all calm the eff down n keep our mohalla gossip mentality out of personal choices You know like we did when a nationalist party chose a terror accused Pragya for an MP candidate..tabb toh outrage nahin kiya

‘Not married, no rings’ pens

sushmitasen tweet

as she clarifies her relationship status on her latest post! #SushmitaSen #SushmitaSenLalitModi

#sushmitasenlalitmodi trending shows the burden women carry with the choices they make allegedly always for financial security

The woman in question happens to be trailblazer Ms Universe
who created history for 🇮🇳,adopted a girl child at 24 years. Do you forget?

lalitmodi tweet

Just back in london after a whirling global tour #maldives # sardinia with the families – not to mention my #better looking partner @sushmitasen47 – a new beginning a new life finally. Over the moon. . In love does not mean marriage YET. BUT ONE THAT For sure

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