IGRS Telangana Encumbrance Certificate EC, Market Value

IGRS Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Registration. Check all Registration, Market Value, Land registration Details. The IGRS stands for Integrated Grievance Redressal System. The Telangana state government has launched an official portal to provide Registration & Stamp services online Services. Through this portal, the citizens can easily register to Property, Marriage, Firm, and etc.

IGRS Telangana EC, Market Value Download Check Online

IGRS Telangana official website for checking all details here. There are various online services listed in the official portal. The citizen can register themselves to avail these services. To enable citizens to access property-related services, such as encumbrance certificate or EC Telangana, stamp duty payment, registration fee payment and others, the Telangana government has a dedicated portal called the IGRS Telangana that can be accessed on http://registration.telangana.gov.in/.

Telangana State Government Land documentation, Encumbrance EC Market value certificate. The Integrated Grievance Redressal System is a website through which the residents of the Telangana state can carry on different procedures related to the land and carry on the registration of some important such encumbrance certificates. Portal enable citizens access several services which related land. Stamp duty and registration services. The Integrated Grievance Redressal System will be helpful in giving different documents that are essential for the residents of the Telangana state.

Telangana IGRS Services:

Know Your SRO, Firm Registration, Prohibited Property, Registration of Property, Certified Copy, Encumbrance Search(EC), e-STAMPS, Department Users, Stamp Vendors/ Franking services/ Notaries, Market Value Search, Society Registration, Data on Chit Fund, Marriage Registration, Dashboards

Encumbrance Certificate Telangana EC Document

The encumbrance certificate is a very vital certificate in terms of all the land certificates of the Telangana state. By IGRS Portal Citizens can get Society Registration, Know your SRO, Search market Value, Information on lands, prohibited lands, and court case lands. Society registration and marriages registration services also provided. Given below are the contents which are available in the Encumbrance certificate which will be available to all the residents of Telangana state through the portal of integrated grievance redressal system. All Services are belonging to the Telangana state government. The encumbrance certificate of Telangana verifies that the property is free of liabilities and that the possession is legal and tradable. The encumbrance certificate in Telangana lists all of the transactions that have occurred on the property.

Telangana IGRS CARD

The government of Telangana has made the process of registering and paying stamps simple on the online Portal. Within IGRS Telangana, Registration Details for Non-Agricultural Properties can be made directly at the Sub-Registrar’s Office (SRO). This process is called CARD (Computer-aided Administration of Registration Department). It is a fairly old system and was recently brought back by the government

Download Encumbrance certificate Telangana

Telangana citizens can download the application form from the MeeSeva portal, under the Registration category.

Documents required for Check Download online Encumbrance certificate ?

  1. Property registration document.
  2. Address proof of the applicant.
  3. Property details and its title deed details.
  4. The property sale deed/ partition deed /gift deed/ release deed in the event of a previously executed deed.

How To Check Telangana LAND Market Value

  • Log on to the official website of the Registration and Stamps Department, Telangana
  • Sign in using your registered credentials.
  • Toggle through to the ‘Online Services’ category. Select the ‘Market Value’ tab.
  • Select the details about your property from the drop-down menu and submit.

Encumbrance Certificate Fees, Stamp Duty

Pay a service charge of 25 rupees for the Encumbrance certificate, in addition, pay the following legal charges.

500 rupees for senior citizen ( if candidate 30 or above in age )
200 Rupees for ( below 30 age )

IGRS Telangana Official Details Contact Phone NUMBERS
Official Site: registration.telangana.gov.in/
Toll-Free Number: 18005994788
New Grievance Email Id: grievance-igrs@igrs.telangana.gov.in
WhatsApp Number: 9121220272


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