Hyderabad Traffic Police Challan Fines Price Rates List

Hyderabad Traffic Challan Prices Fines Rates List 2022. Updated 2023 Year new list Increased challan prices prices. As per Road rules Motor vehicle act. Hyderabad Traffic Police imposed fines on two wheeler, three wheeler, four wheelers. Traffic offences, penalties, fines, wrong route, no parking vehicles various types of fines. First must know Hyderabad Traffic rules and violations Hyderabad Telangana state.

Telangana Traffic Fines Rates 2023

Hyderabad Traffic police rules to maintain traffic clear and road safety across the city. The Motor vehicle act of 1988 issues all guidelines, and fines systems. Traffic rules for every vehicle owner in the country to strictly follow on the road. On Hyderabad most busiest city, day by day increasing number of road casualties, Hyderabad traffic police have become more stricrt. All over Hyderabad, traffic police installed CCTV Cameras to catch the perpetrators and traffic rule violators and punish them with hefty fines. Without helmet, Overspeeding, Driving without license, Driving without proper documents and Drunk and drive is most cases registred under Hyderabad traffic police. To ensure road safety of people and adherence to traffic rules. State government of telangana decided to increase fine price rates with the support of motor vehicle act of 1988. The amended act has increased the traffic fines substantially so that every vehicle owner on the roads of Hyderabad as well as across the country follows them religiously to prevent traffic challans.

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1 Driving a vehicle without a License 500/- for all type vehicles
2 Driving a vehicle without registration 2000/- for all vehicles
3 Driving a vehicle without permit documents Court or RTA
4 Driving a vehicle without insurances 1000/- for all type vehicles
5 Driving a vehicle without third party insurance 1000/- for 2, 3, 4, 6 wheelers
6 Driving a vehicle at less than prescribed age ( Minor) 1500/- and/or Court

 Hyderabad Traffic Police Check Mandatory Documents at Checkpoint:

  1. Valid Vehicle Registration Documents
  2. Driving License
  3. Pollution under control PUC Certificate
  4. Insurance Document ( Third Party Insurance also enough, But Full insurance recommended )

Must Follow Traffic Rules & Regulations. Hyderabad Traffic Police Department issued notice to all related updates traffic updates, traffic road diversions, Accidents, Bridge flyover strucks. Below check Safety rules follow two wheelers and four wheelers.

Traffic police fines RATES NEW

Safety Rules Must follow Two Wheelers:

First and Important “ Don’t Drunk and Drive “ Consuming alcohol is crime while driving. If ur drunken in party or somewhere else, use public transport or private transport, or use friends helps you dropout. But never use self driving. Many private companies, OLA, Uber, Rapido bike services also providing services for drop at your home location. Majority of accidents happens only in drunken cases. Overspeeding, overtaking, wrong route accidents happens drunken mode only.

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Drunk and Drive Rules & Court Jail Imprisonment Updates, on Feb 20, government of telangana released update regarding imprisonment drunk and drive cases on first time, in the view of the long pending drunk and drive cases at court, the city police department is taking steps to fine the motorists whi catch for the first time. But fine increases, the drunk and drive case for first time will be awarded a fine of 2000 rupees and no imprisonment for first time. Fine based on the alcohol amount in the blood of drunk drivers. And issues notice about seize cases, The police have no powers to seize vehicles from drunk drivers and instead can allow an accompanying person who has not had alcohol to drive the vehicle. If there is no one accompanying the drunk driver, then the police should inform a relative or friends of the intoxicated man to take custody of the vehicle. If no one comes forward to take the vehicle, only then can the police keep the vehicle at the nearest police station or some other safe custody and should release it either to the owner and any authorized person. According to the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, a person can be punished if over 30 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood is detected in the breath alcohol content test. Every day Traffic police conducting drunken driving checks across all important areas of the city. City police has requested people not to drink and drive. Setup every point to conduct checks on motorists and there will be extra patrols for weekends Saturday/Sundays only. Extensive checks for drunk driving would be held across all the roads in Hyderabad limits. Driving of vehicles without number plates will also lead to detention of vehicles and such will also lead to strict action as per law. ‘

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Drunk Driving Rules & Regulations Fines

Penalty of 10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 6months for the first offence and a penalty of 15,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 2 years for a second or subsequent offence. For caught drunk driving licensed wil be seixed and sent to concerned RTOs for suspension as per motor vehicles act.

Two Wheelers Rules & Regulations Must Follow :

  1. Pillion are wearing helmets at all times while riding a two wheeler.
  2. Do Not carry more than one person as pillion on your two wheeler vehicle.
  3. Avoid overtaking cars and other vehicles on highways.
  4. Use Indicators to indicate the direction in which you intend to move your vehicle. This helps the pedestrians and other drivers and also reduces the risk of injuries or accidents.

Rules for Four Wheelers:

  1. Must follow all Traffic lights at signals at all time.
  2. Do not jump traffic lights as it can cause serious accidents.
  3. Carry & Show all related documents.
  4. Do not use phone while driving your vehicle.
  5. Put Seat belts at all times while driving you car.
  6. Follow Speed limit. Do not drive fast around temples, hospitals, colleges, school areas.
  Violation of No Entry Way RS.200 For two, three, four & Six wheelers
  Violation of one way – Cross limit RS.200 For two, three, four & Six wheelers
  Wrong U-Turn RS.200 For two, three, four & Six wheelers
  Entering into Prohibited area RS.200 For two, three, four & Six wheelers
  High speed & Rash driving, Negligent driving RS.1000 For two, three, four & Six wheelers
  Driving on footboard RS.200 For two, three, four & Six wheelers
  Hit & Run case, to run away after committing an accident Court
  Overweight vehicle 1000/-
  To drive overweight vehicle 1000/- for extra ton.
  Wrong side driving 1100/-

Source: Hyderabad Traffic Police / Motor Vehicle ACT PDF

Some Road marking related offerences and SIGNAL Related violations detailed mentioned here.

Violation of stop line fined as 200/- for all type of vehicles.

Violation of Lane : 200/- for all type of vehicles.

FAKE Number plate, Irregular number plate pattern: 200 for all vehicles.

Disobeying, not corporating with traffic police: 200 rupees for all type of vehicles.

Signal Jumping: 1000 Rupees fine

Violation of stop signal: 200 rupees fine

Using Mobile While driving a vehicle: 1000/- for any vehicle.


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