Dharani Telangana Land Records Checking Guide

Dharani Telangana Land Records Checking Guide
Dharani Telangana Pahani Passbook – The state Government of Telangana decided to launch the new Dharani website for land record details. Now the people present in Telangana state can check their land details through this Dharani website.

This is indeed a great step by Telangana government to digitalize the information of lands and maintain revenue transactions. Dharani website is going to be highly secured and many features have already been incorporated. This land data will be used in the Rs 4000 input subsidy scheme as well.

In fact, it’s going to be a one-stop shop for all land records and needs. Farmers would be benefited immensely from this scheme. The registration of documents would be super-quick and the mutation would be done in 2 days. Moreover, it would take just 10 days for succession. One can operate the website from anywhere; all the grievances of the farmers would be redressed.

After the completion of the registration process, e-Mail and SMS alerts would be sent to connected people. The operation of the website is going to similar to that of banks; the moment transactions are made, there would be immediate updations.

Dharani Telangana Land Records Portal
This newly introduced website provides the latest uploaded with all new information of land records after purification of records and re-survey of lands. Indian President or Prime Minister is likely to launch this website

Telangana Government has taken several programs towards revenue transactions and land information in digitalization form. Through this website, the Government will provide the new pattadar passbooks for all farmers in the state.

Telangana Government wants to see the transparent and corruption-free land registration process through this Dharani website. The online registration process will start a pilot project in 5 mandals in the first phase.

In the second phase of the trial, this online registration system extended to another 30 mandals. In this Dharani system, both buyers and sellers must visit the registration office to complete the transaction.

Details of new Dharani Telangana Pattadar passbooks:
Telangana Government has decided to provide the new pattadar passbooks for all farmers in the state. This passbook contains the brief data also enrich Dharani website with all required information on details of land

Which information is available in Dharani Telangana Pattadar passbook?
These passbooks and pahanis will not have the additional information; it maintains only important and useful details like farmer name, survey number, extent of owned land also the nature of ownership

These passbooks contain the land data and changes can make in both buyers and sellers. The certain property will be removed from the sellers passbook and the same will added in buyers passbook. If in case the person is buying land property for the first time then new passbook will be issued

Dharani Telangana online registration system:
Dharani website provides the land details with more security. So that no one can misuse the land information. This data will also use to implement the Rs 4000 input subsidy scheme for farmers.

MRO offices will serve the registration functions where the sub-registrar offices are not available in the state. Nearly there are the 443 mandals in a state where sub-registrar offices are not available. MRO offices will do registrations from Monday to Friday.

The passbooks and registration documents will send through the couriers to certain people.

Features in Telangana Dharani portal:
Dharani website provides the below-mentioned features like

Get your Telangana Pahani/Adangal details with Dharani Portal
Download ROR 1B Pahani
You can also register the complaints (in case you can face any problems)
Check whether your aadhar number is linked to your Katha number
How will this Dharani Telangana website benefit?
Well, this website facilitates easy transactions and also makes the process of registration easy. Whether you are a buyer or whether you are a seller, all you need to do is visit the registration office once and understand the process. Once you visit, you will get registration documents and passbooks as a courier. The records will be updated on daily basis. Since the database is going to be easily available, everyone will get a clear idea about the land ownership.

There is complete transparency in terms of public domains and documents.

How do you use the Dharani website?

First you need to book a slot
Firstly, you need to book a time slot for meeting the sub-registrar. This is the basic step that needs to be followed for the process of registration.

Pattadar passbook
Once you meet the sub-registrar, the purchase and sale details will be recorded in the Pattadar passbook.

The details would be uploaded on the website
The local tahsildar will now pass on the details to the IT wing. After this, the details would be uploaded to the website for easy access.

Documents would be delivered
Soon, the registration documents and pattadar passbooks will be delivered through courier to your address.

What are the benefits?

All records and data on the Dharani website is highly clear and transparent
Easy access if one of the biggest advantages of the website
The process becomes easier for sellers and buyers alike
All the documents will be available on the website
Details are immediately updated
All your information will be completely secured because they have tied up with the best cyber-security experts. You need not worry about crucial data being leaked.


List Of Services Provided By Dharani Website
Dharani Citizen Services List
Revenue Services provided by Dharani Website

Land Conversion and Nala
Agriculture Income Certificate
Land Valuation Certificate
Mutation and Succession
Dharani website registration services

Encumbrance search
Duty and fee calculator details
Group registration process
Market value assistance provided with actual details
Payment process of registration services
Track application
View receipt and unit rates
Certified copies
How To Register With Telangana Dharani Website
Every citizen in Telangana , eligible for registration with Telangana Dharani website.

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