Dharani Agriculture to NALA Conversation Application Process

Dharani Nala Conversation Application for Convert Agriculture land to Nala. Telangana Government Stated Agricultural land cannot be utilized for residential, commercial or industrial purpose except on conversion of the same into non-agricultural land. All set to Gathered information for the process of converting agricultural land into non-agricultural land is called as land conversion.

Dharani Agriculture to NALA Procedure 2022

Dharani Portal offered services Conversation Agriculture land to NALA. As per the provision of Telangana Non-Agricultural Lands Assessment Act (NALA), agricultural land can be converted for non-agriculture purposes only by taking prior permission from the competent authorities. Non-Agriculture Land Assessment In this article, we look at the procedure for land conversion in Telangana.

Non-Agriculture Land Assessment act introduced in 1963. Nala Regulatre of converting agriculture land to Non-Agriculture land telangana. As per NALA Rising of Any crop or garden produce in Agriculture land. Industrial purposes means manufacturing or remaking any products. Dharani Portal all set to gather all registration agriculture NALA is not applicable for lands in estates which are not under Government. Dharani NALA Land conversation, Nala is not applicable for the land of any charitable or religious, educational Institutions.

NALA Tax Procedure.

Telangana Government Dharani Portal Showing ” Know TAX Bills ” The land used for non-agricultural purposes is liable for payment of NALA tax. Landowners need to pay NALA tax for converting agricultural land into non‚Äďagriculture land. The schedule of tax rate depends upon the following two factors:

Nature of utility, Industrial, Commercial and Residential
The population of the locality.

Below 1,00,000 Popularation : Sqm Industrial / Commercial / Residential : 50 Paisa, Nil, Nil
Range 10,000 – 50,000 Popularation – Charges 50 Paisa, 50 Paisa, 5 Paisa
Range 50,000 – 2 Lakhs Population: Charges 75 Paisa, 75 Paisa, 15 Paisa
2 Lakhs and More – 100 Paisa, 100 Paisa, 20 Paisa for Residential Purposes.

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Additional Calculations, Cesses at 0.37 Paisa are taxable on Non-Agriculture Land Assessment. If assessment leviable on any non-Agriculture land is less than the land revenue, only land revenue need to be paid.

Procedure for Apply Conversation Agriculture land to NALA Conversation:

Apply at Near Meeseva, Application Form and all other required documents to meeseva centre. Mee seva centre is 35 Rupees. Forward conversion application form online to the tahsildar MRO and to the competent authority for making changes in the revenue record that the Agriculture land is converted as Non-Agriculture land. Revenue Inspector RI will issue a notice of demand. Meeseva operator will provide the reciept of intimation of Payment for land conversion. Pay Assessment bills with in 30 days period. The Landowner can pay one time conversion tax to government by challan. After paying the tax, obtain a copy of challan, After tax payments, The revenue offcer will issues a certificate within 30 days.

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The State Legislative Assembly has passed the Telangana Agricultural Land Conversion for Non Agricultural Purposes Bill, 2020 removing the controversial discretionary powers of the revenue officials concerned under Section 47 (A) of the existing Act. Thus, citizens can now apply for conversion of their agricultural lands for non-agricultural purposes through the Dharani portal, without any hurdles and obtain related passbook immediately after the land conversion.

Application For NALA 

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