Dear Nothing1 this is completely unacceptable! South India Powerful Tweets

Dear Nothing trending in twitter,check all specs, reviews. Nothing sent devices for only few peoples. INDIA it’s our nation ,it not based on the one people or one language or one religion or one state. One Mobile launching in india means all had a curiosity to buy. Not only for one kind of people. Send Review unit to Every state. We are also living in India and we respect our nation and people. We loved others who belong other religions and languages why because we are Indians. India means not only hindi we have so many regional languages and we love to see reviews in our languages

Dear Nothing this is completely unacceptable!

Nothing Phone Ignores South India Tech Reviewers, Not Sent Samples for Reviews

Prasad Tech Telugu Reviewer Dear Nothing Twitter Trend

Some of Tweets:

దేశ భాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్స dear nothing u can’t understand what it mean because cheap people cannot understand great things. – Vijay Krishna

DearNothing I was very disappointed on the remark you made on the people of South India. We are divided on a linguistic basis but we all are united as one nation. I hope that you take your word back and will treat all the people alike

#DearNothing @nothing, we don’t personally hate anyone , but if we get hatred , there will be double the hatred from every south indian towards you 👍 , dont separate us , regional languages are important!

It’s such a shame and discriminating the region in which your plant is located and you are saying south Indian people cannot afford your cheap phones know your limits and stay in control

Dear Nothing. Nothing is interesting about the Nothing Phone1 except the Glyph Interface.

Headphone jack
Charger In-Box
Cover In-Box
Overpriced Everything
Racist Remarks

Please don’t show difference in language and religious.owr India was named as unity in diversity and hope respect religious languages.. And see all languages equal. – Prudvi

నా దేశం బహుభాషా, బహుళ జాతి సంఘము. వివిధ వైవిధ్యం గల దేశం.
India means not only hindi we have so many regional languages and we love to see reviews in our languages because mother tongue fills our soul . – Ajay

DearNothing You have enough devices not just for sending the review units to the Hindi tech but also enough for sending them to do the giveaways, and when it comes to the regional tech, you have device shortage. nothing @getpeid time to realise that

DearNothing please don’t underestimate the power of South Indian people. How would you think that South Indian people can’t afford Nothing Phone1 India means all over the country not only the north it’s better to provide review unit to South Indian Creators.

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