Best Investment Plan for 5Lakhs Safe High Returns

Best Investment methods to invest 5 Lakhs Choose best investment methods Smart investors are always preferable for the best investment options. An investment plan comes with a combination of high returns and low risk. Get best returns and risks are directly proportional to each other, which means the higher the risk involved. Further divide the financial assets into Market linked securities such as mutual funds, live stocks, fixed income products Bank FDs, Public provident fund PPF, Bank RDs, Non-Financial assets consisting of gold investments, real estate.

Best Investment Plans for 5 Lakhs, For 5 Years Time

Investing in the best investment plans in India. Check top investment plans bank wise. difference between direct equity, mutual funds, pension schemes, Public provident fund PPF, Bank fixed deposits, Post office monthly income scheme POMIS, Initial public offering IPO investment methods. here provided recommended investment plans for more than 4 years. fixed deposits also give a good interest rate deposit can give you a yield of much as 9.40 percent.

Investment 5000 translates into 6293 after a period of 33 months. some nationalized banks IDFC, HDFC also offer good interest rates of 8 percent on its 1-year deposit. even 1 year to 2-year deposit offers an interest rate of 8 percent, which makes good returns. for a long tenure of 2 years, 1 day to 5 years interest rate of 7.50 percent is offered. Bajaj finserv fixed deposits offer an interest rate 8.35% percent on 3-year long tenure. If you looking for short-term tenure below 2 years, the interest rate drops to 8 percent. some investment plans also provide the advantage that is tax exemption. The premium base for insurance coverage whereas the remaining premium investments market linked documents information.

Mutual Fund: Many people much interested on Mutual fund, it is one of the best investment options in India. Mutual funds is the ideal investment plan that offers a high return on investments over the long-term period. Financial instruments such as equity, debt, stocks, mutual funds, and money market funds. Returns are generated as per the market performance of the fund. Even though risk exposure in mutual fund investments is higher offers much better returns as compared to other best investment options in the market. Check major investment options offered by mutual funds.

Top Best 5 Investment Methods

1. Fixed Deposits
2. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme
3. Mutual Funds
4. Equity Markets
5. Real Estate

Equity funds are market-linked securities. one of the high returned investing shares of companies. compare all other investment options with market fixed deposits, equity mutual funds offer much better returns. Debt funds are considered one of the best investment options for investors. A mutual fund is a prominent investment made in fixed interest securities like corporate bonds, government securities, and treasury bills. Mutual funds benefits and details all provided here.

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