Ananthagiri Waterfalls Hill Station Near Hyderabad

Ananthagiri hills Waterfalls, Monsoon special attraction hyderabad near waterfall. The Monsoon special moments will shows scenic roads, amazing waterfall experiences everywhere in telangana. Listed out best Waterfalls in telangana. Ananthagiri is always youth’s favourite place weekend spot due to the rains, hills streams were in spate, many waterbodies overflowed, form small waterfalls near places. Excellents, beautiful, picturesque view of ananthagiri hills.

AnanthaGiri Waterfalls Near Hyderabad

Ananthagiri waterfalls is located in the eastern ghats range, it located near 6kms away from vikarabad, and 85 kilometers from hyderbad. one of the nearest waterfall hyderabad. gorgeous waterfalls and vintage viewpoints get the best of nature. Telangana tourism focused on tourism spot, provided accommodation facilities, hotel lodging facilities to tourists. for this ananthagiri hills/ waterfalls mainly tourist visit on monsoon seasons only. small trekking points, it recommended for all age groups of people. The perfect place for picknic, beat the scorching heats of the southern part of india. Ananthagiri was one of the official hunting grounds among the Nizams, owing to which, it is amazingly crafted and planned.

Ananthagiri waterfalls is rare to see, is visiable only on monsoon seasons. due to heavy rains, it occurs on stones. Amidst these hills is a quaint Musi river which is the ideal place to do some fantastic camping. Apart from the Musi river, it also has the Kotapally Lake which is pretty close to the hills. Boating also available in kotapally lake. Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple which is a famous holy place among the Hindus. There is a vast Ananthgiri waterfall located in this place that flows from a great height, offering some scintillating views from the top. For accommodation in Ananthagiri hills you can choose Hairtha Resort at Ananthagiri Hills which has a tariff of INR1500 per day.

Ananthagiri is located at an elevation of 1250 meters and the lowest point is 1081 meters above sea level. Many visitors interested to walk in greenery gardens. The best time to stay in the Ananthagiri Hills is during the evening so that you can go for a walk around the place and enjoy the cool weather. Waterfalls, and garden temperature at night is slightly lower than in other parts of Telangana.

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